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Unleash the Cash in Your Car with a Logbook Loan

With Logbook Money Limited get the loan you need without the hassle you don't.

Are you searching for an affordable and fast loan, but don't have good credit? If so, then you've found the perfect place. Logbook Money Limited specializes in offering loans not based on your credit, but on the value of your vehicle. Logbook loans, also referred to as V5 loans offer instant cash when you've found yourself in need.

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Outstanding Service, Outstanding Value

Unlike other personal and bank loans, logbook loans use your car as your security. By avoiding standard loan requirements, such as reviewing your credit, Logbook Money Limited is able to arrange a loan for your desired amount without taking into consideration your previous financial troubles.

All of our loans are arranged on a sliding scale. Throughout our years of service in the loan industry, we've devised a new way to not only arrange your loan, but establish easy repayment methods. With hundreds of satisfied customers, stop wasting time and get the money you need now!

What are Logbook Loans?

Navigating through the world of personal loans is challenging and confusing. Logbook Money Limited offers a streamlined way to access money without accessing confusion.

Work With a Company Who Understands

At Logbook Money Limited, we understand financial troubles happen. Whether you defaulted on a credit card or had your home foreclosed, getting the money you need now can seem like an uphill battle – that is until now.

Logbook Loan Eligibility Requirements

Curious if you're eligible for a Logbook Loan? Allow Logbook Money Limited the opportunity to simplify this sometimes complex scenario.

We were established to help consumers meet their financial needs without having to take into account their previous financial history. In order to qualify for one of our logbook loans, also referred to as a V5 Loan, you must meet the following:

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Vehicle in Working Condition

Obtaining the cash you need is as simple as looking at your vehicle and determining if it's in proper working order. While we're flexible on the quality of your car, as long as it runs smoothly you shouldn't have a problem obtaining the loan you need.

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Proper Documentation

Much like any other loan, we need several documents to finalize the loan, which include: Photo ID, Proof of Residency, Proof of Income, MOT and Insurance Certificates.

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Patience and Excitement

We understand that obtaining a logbook loan may seem like a long process. Unlike other lenders, Logbook Money limited does all we can to expedite this process. If you provide all the necessary documentation, you'll soon be on your way to a cash loan.

How to Get a Loan With Bad Credit

When you have bad credit, it may seem like the entire financial world is against you. Allow Logbook Money Limited the opportunity to deliver cash without the hassle of traditional banking systems.


Freedom from Traditional Loans

If you have bad credit or a troubled financial past, then you're well-aware of challenges when it comes to borrowing money. Stop walking into a bank only to exit feeling defeated. Stop the embarrassment from having multiple lenders say, “No” based on your financial past.

At Logbook Money Limited we offer a simple and precise lending process that's easy and actually enjoyable. Rest assured that your financial well-being is taken care of at Logbook Money Limited.


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justin marc

"I've dealt with V5 lenders in the past, and none were as professional, courteous and thoughtful as Logbook Money Limited. Do yourself a favour and contact them today for your loan needs. Trust me, you'll be happy you did"


cecilia carter

"While I was nervous taking out my first Logbook loan, all my worries were cast aside upon my first conversation with Logbook Money Limited."


harvey specter

"Their rates were exceptional and their staff were pleasant. I never thought I would actually enjoy a loan lending process, until I contact Logbook Money Limited"